Video Surveillance has developed over the years to provide a host of benefits and functions to make it one of the most popular choices to protect property and deter crime. Vigilant Security specialise in Video Surveillance and interactive Video Surveillance which provides the authority to observe, react, impede and minimise hazards, as and when they occur.Remote access is one of the major advantages of video surveillance with network cameras and video encoders which can be configured and accessed remotely.

Vigilant Security is one of the Republic of Ireland UK’s leading providers of CCTV monitoring services. With a highly professional national workforce of expertly trained and PSA licensed Operators specifically engaged on contracts designed to monitor and protect premises and areas like city centres, shopping malls and high risk premises that are particularly vulnerable during the silent hours, 24/7 we provide a service that is designed around your needs and tailored to your budget.
Video Surveillance was once primarily used within shopping centres and city centres to protect against theft and vandalism but now you will see closed-circuit video surveillance almost everywhere you look, from small stores to homes and schools. Video Surveillance provides a cost effective way of protection and greater public security.
Vigilant Security’s Video Surveillance 24 hour Control Centre is fully operational every hour of the day, every day of the year. Our highly experienced Video Surveillance team are fully trained to respond to alarms and deal with incidents to ensure the safety and security of our client’s personnel and their assets.
The presence of Video Surveillance is one of the greatest deterrents against crime. Vigilant Security’s 24-hour Video Surveillance will instantly discourage crime, provide imperative evidence with video and audio footage and ensure fast and pro-active response that is cost effective and highly successful.
Vigilant Security Video Surveillance brings you the benefits of high image quality, scalability and flexibility, easy full-proof integration and around the clock surveillance that are designed to work for you. Whether you are looking to ensure employer safety, guard against in-store theft or to protect your premises when you are not there, Video Surveillance provides a strong deterrent against criminal activity. Thieves and criminals are less likely to commit crimes when they know they will be caught on camera.
With an around the clock back-up system from our Control Centre, Vigilant Security’s Video Surveillance Operators routinely check into our Control Centre to report their progress. If one of these calls is not made or is made under duress, Vigilant Security Control Centre put strict procedures into place to warrant emergency action.
If you are looking for a successful, cost effective and flexible Video Surveillance system, Vigilant Security is the one to call. Remember, the camera never lies and Vigilant Security Video Surveillance brings you honest security that delivers.

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