Shopping Centre or Mall Security needs dedicated Mall Security Officers to reduce theft and potential vandalism. Vigilant Security Services have a highly qualified Mall Security team who are experienced in providing our clients with Shopping Mall Security services and prevent potential hazards like theft, crime, vandalism, disturbances, kidnapping and help protect public and staff safety.

An unsafe Shopping Mall is the fastest way to destroy a business and its profits. Providing Shopping Mall Security Guards creates an ambiance that feels safe, is inviting and encourages the public to want to spend more time and money in the stores. Our professionally presented Mall Security Guards let would-be criminals know you are serious about Mall Security and the prevention of crime and vandalism.

Vigilant Security take our Mall Security seriously and will work with you to identify the risks to your sites and balance essential security needs with the highest levels of customer care and staff protection. Supplying security solutions to some of the UK’s leading high street retailers and supermarkets, Vigilant Security provide all our Mall Security Officers with the specialist skills and training to ensure they are the top of their profession. All our retail customers are supported by a dedicated management team who have a wealth of expertise in Mall Security to design the very best Mall Security solutions to suit your requirements.

Mall Security is not only concentrated on store security, one of the most common places for criminal activity are shopping centre car parks, from purse snatching to car theft and abductions. Vigilant Security understands the complexities of Mall Security. Criminals easily blend into public places and Vigilant Mall Security Officers are trained to look for opportunists by understanding body language and alleviate potential problems and combat threats.

Our Mall Security Officers patrol at random intervals, respond to situations and emergencies, monitor alarms and security devices in an alert and professional way to ensure safety and order is prevalent.

Vigilant Mall Security will bring you a number of benefits including:

  • Theft Prevention
    Customer care and assistance to shoppers
    Lost child procedures
    Civil arrest and Police liaison
    Confrontation Management
    Crown control
    First aid and fire safety

If you are an owner or property manager of a shopping centre, the safety of your clients and/or customers is of upmost importance. Vigilant Security can help you solve your Mall Security headaches with a huge dose of the best Mall Security services available.

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