Vigilant Security have been offering exemplary School Security for many years which has given us a unique insight into the changing requirements in School Security and the expertise to understand your School Security requirements and how we can provide the very best value and professional School Security services that keep your school safe.

In today’s changing world, the necessity for School Security has regrettably grown. It is unfortunate that criminals would target schools, often causing damage and unjustifiable costs to the school and leading to disruption and unrest within the school environment. Criminal and anti-social behaviour not only causes disruption to the work of the school but both physical and mental damage to pupils and staff as well as buildings. School Security will help alleviate fear among pupils, staff and parents and limit cost implications.

Vigilant Security has a reputation of providing excellent School Security. All our School Security Officers are rigorously vetted and CRB checked and are SIA approved. Schools have special requirements and are often seen as easy targets. Vigilant Security work with the school to provide a School Security service that meets their specific needs.
Most criminal activity in schools is opportunistic and likely to be carried out by pupils, parents, outsiders and sometimes staff. Arson is often a major concern for School Security and with the anti-social behaviour aspect like graffiti, bullying and gang culture, School Security has now become a requirement for most schools.

Vigilant Security Services can work with staff and managers to design a system that provides staff and pupils with the basic facilities necessary to sustain a secure environment for all concerned.

School Security solutions will vary from site to site and depend on the management, size and site of the school. Vigilant Security can provide a substantial security boundary and limit access points, control main access routes for visitors to the school, assist with surveillance around buildings and parking facilities and safeguard valuable items of equipment.

If you are concerned about School Security, Vigilant Security Services have a range of solutions including:

  • School Manned Guarding
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Property Alarm and Mobile Response
  • Guard Dog Security
  • Access Control

Vigilant Security work hard to make schools safer. Our School Security Officers provide a strong presence and remain calm and composed under pressure. Pupils and staff alike should feel free from unwanted dangers enabling them to focus on the important things. Vigilant Security will be happy to discuss how our School Security can work for you.

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