There are times when the presence of Dog Security is desirable to provide that added deterrent. Guard Dog Security can prove very effective and Vigilant Security have extensive experience within the executive protection field and continue to provide a wide range of protective services for corporate businesses, celebrities and personal protection.

Vigilant Dog Security is an effective security alternative from well-trained Dog Security teams that are committed to fulfilling your security requirements. Our services are comprehensively aligned to your security profile security-guard-with-dog-on-patrolto bring you high profile security service that works.

Vigilant Security pride ourselves in recruiting the very best Dog Security teams and highly trained guard dogs and patrol dogs to provide a strong, safe presence to prevent loss, criminal intent and disruption of business. All our operational Dog Security Operators have direct access to our 24hr Contact Centre to ensure emergency back-up, 365 days a year.

Specialising in a range of security options, Vigilant Security take pride in our customer relations and the welfare of our staff and guard dogs. At Vigilant Dog Handling Services, our Dog handlers are qualified to B.I.P.D.T and N.A.S.D.U standards and we also comply with BS8517 which is the British Security Industry’s Code of Practice for the operational use of a detection dog by a handler. Our Dog Security training is continuous to ensure the very best from both our Dogs and our Handlers and maintain complete compatibility which is beneficial for both dogs and handlers alike.

Vigilant Security takes great pride in our Dog Security service. We take the welfare of our animals seriously and you can be assured all our dogs are healthy, well cared for and obedient. Dog Security is a highly effective service that will fully integrate with your electronic systems to provide the maximum protection available.

All our Dog Security Units are highly trained, PSA licensed and fully insured. With years of experience within the security industry, Vigilant Security provide a Dog Security service that allows our clients to concentrate on their core activities, safe in the knowledge they are secure and protected.
Dog Security is a proven and successful deterrent to criminal activity. Due to a dog’s acute senses, the possibility of a determined intruder passing undetected by the dog is almost impossible. Vigilant Dog Security 4
service takes great care to ensure all our security dogs are trained to pick-up the presence of an intruder and defend with or without a command.

Vigilant Security’s Dog Security represents a team that is exemplary both in presentation and skill that instils total confidence. If you are looking for a security solution that requires that extra presence, Vigilant Dog Security can provide the answer.

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