Vigilant Security Services UK Ltd was formed in 2001 by a group of highly motivated security professionals with many years of experience in the security industry. They realised that the kind of standard Security Service package so often offered by existing companies seldom resulted in a satisfactory outcome for the customer.

Right from the outset the aim has been to identify and understand the precise requirements of each individual customer so that the appropriate strategy can be our-mission-robformed to deal with any of a wide range of security threats. This Security Service may take the form of deploying a single Security Guard or a number of guards. Alarm Response and Key Holding may be all that is needed or perhaps Mobile Patrols. Any of these may be appropriate or a combination of more than one, or maybe something else entirely. The initial Site Security survey and consultations with the customer will determine the best solution for each customer.

This flexible approach is adopted for all situations. Vigilant Security Services UK Ltd provides corporate security, retail security, reception security, and construction Site Security as well as security for manufacturing and industrial clients, door supervisor, and bouncers for licensed premises like pubs, clubs, cinemas, and private parties throughout the UK. Private properties too can benefit from our Security Service.

Whoever our customers may be and whatever their security needs the Company’s aim is to provide the best service possible. We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited and licensed by the Private Security Authority. Our PSA License sets standards to which we must conform. It is our proud boast that Vigilant Security Services Ltd does far better than that!
Talk to us NOW on 0800 983 3456, or see the “Contact Us” page for other ways to get in touch. Anyone else is second best!

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